How to Join Avon in Zimbabwe

Avon is the world’s largest direct seller of beauty products. It’s easy to become an Avon Representative and get on the road to financial freedom. All you need is a valid passport or ID, a physical address and your starting order.

Truth be told you can barely sustain yourself on income now, that is right. All your cash flow seems to have gone before even the pay slip arrives; rent, rounds, fees, debts, and groceries leave you dreading when month end is coming up. Not forgetting the population that is graduating into a jobless environment. But do we have to sulk and put noses into our mouths, l believe not?

this calls for action to think outside the box whilst doing something fun and exciting whilst making the most cash out of it. Why not try Avon 


  1. passport or ID copy
  2. home address
  3. email address
  4. phone number
  5. minimum order of R500 ( about $35 for AVON products of your own choice from the current brochure)

let’s keep in mind that Avon is a network marketing company for cosmetics where you get up to 30% discounts on your order. Sounds unbelievable right, if you want to be part of my amazing team

  • you can send me the requirements above via WhatsApp, email, or a physical copy. Or l will give you a hard copy and soft copy brochure
  • as soon as your account comes out, l will give you your username and password
  • registration fee is R85 and is only paid ONCE off together with the payment for your first order
  • if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at the following


                          mobile: +263 772949958

                          or leave a comment below

I have been fortunate enough to see how Avon has managed to transform lives as well as build friendships.

and you can be part of this awesomeness too!

Avon by Lisa-Marie

How much is Avon’s joining fee?

The registration fee is R100 one-off and will be added to your very first order.

How do I become a member of Avon?

Go to the “Your Avon” website and click on “Apply Now.” You will need to supply your name, address, contact information, and preferred language (currently, you can choose English or Spanish). Click “Submit” and wait to be contacted by an Avon representative to complete the sign-up process.

Does Avon deliver in Zimbabwe?

Avon by Audrey ZW is in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Delivery to Zimbabwe takes 10 days or less. Add a 30% markup to the brochure price. This is done to cater for transport costs.

Can I join Avon for free?

Not only can you Join Avon for Free in 2022. You can select to work with an Avon mentor upline leader for free. You’ll have access to Free Training, Networking, and Tips with our #1 in the Nation Avon Team Envision!