How to Join Modeling in Zimbabwe

Model Management was established in 1994 and specializes in Professional Models that embody beauty and elegance in the purest and most natural sense and are constantly in demand.

Model Management has a variety of courses that teach you skills from etiquette, appropriate knowledge and self-confidence to help you in dealing with daily activities and facing new and challenging situations.

All are welcome to attend any of the courses on offer and each individual will benefit in their own way depending on his or her needs. Naturally, those who enrol with the express purpose of becoming a model could not choose a better course as it gives you a solid grounding in the field of modelling.

Each graduate sits a series of examinations and diplomas are given at the graduation ceremony. Model Management International models are recognised internationally.

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How do I apply for a modelling agency?

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Go to an open casting call.

Check agency websites for the details of open casting listings. This is where you’ll bring your portfolio and wait with many other aspiring models to talk with casting agents. The agents will conduct a brief interview, snap a few photos, and get in touch if they are interested.

What is the qualification for modelling?

Modelling Course Highlights

DegreeCertification, Diploma
DurationCertification ( 1-12 months ) Diploma ( 4 months – 2 Years)
EligibilityCertificate (Above 15 years of age) Diploma (below 30 years)
Admission ProcessEntrance Test/ Cut Off

Do models have to pay to join an agency?

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Do You Have to Pay to Join a Modelling Agency? A legitimate agency will NEVER ask for money. They make money by taking a percentage of what you make from your modelling jobs. You should never have to pay for joining or membership, lessons or any other type of service with them.