How to Pay Dstv Online in Botswana

Digital Satellite Television, commonly abbreviated to DStv, is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice and based in Randburg, South Africa.

You can pay for your own subscription or help others pay for their DStv subscription. You just need to enter the details of the person you want to pay for, verify the account, and that you are paying the correct amount.

We have multiple payment options you can use to pay or reconnect your DStv accounts, such as MyDStv App, Internet Banking, USSD, and Debit Order or you can visit our Walk-in Centres or your nearest store to top-up.

Service that allows all customers to pay for their DSTV subscriptions across all postal service
delivery channels.

BotswanaPost has availed the service on;

  1. PosoOnline – BotsPost official website
  2. Over-the-Counter – Across all 127 postal branches nationwide and 14 Sefalana Kiosks
    Other channels under development;
  3. PosoMoney
  4. PosoApp
  1. PosoOnline – 24-hour service offering
  2. Over-the-Counter – Standard postal branch operating hours;
    a. Weekdays – 8 am to 4 pm
    b. Saturdays – 8 am to 12 pm
    c. Holidays – Closed
    Future channels
  3. PosoMoney – Mobile and portal-based offering 24-hour service
  4. PosoApp – Mobile-based service offering 24-hour service

The customer logs on to the website
Under e-services, select DSTV Premium Subscription service
After the selection of the service, customers will be required to either register or log in.
Upon a successful registration/login, the customer enters Smart-Card Number (10-11 numeric
characters). Select ‘ Proceed’ or ‘Back’
Account Details
a. Smart-Card number
b. Customer Name
c. Status
d. Balance
e. Current Product Name
f. Current Product Price
Select ‘Proceed’ or ‘Back’
Select Package Choice
a. Pay Due Amount
b. Downgrade Package
c. Upgrade Package
Select ‘Proceed’ or ‘Back’
Package Choice Confirmation
a. Smart-Card Number
b. Package Name
c. Amount Due
d. Due Date: DD/MM/YY
Select ‘ Proceed’ or ‘Back’
Customer to enter card details;
a. Card Number
b. Card expiry date
c. CVC
Depending on the bank, the customer to receive and enter OTP via SMS for transaction verification

How do I pay DStv in Botswana?

Bank Gaborone

  1. Dial *187*247#
  2. Enter Cellphone Banking Pin e.g., 1234.
  3. Select option “DStv”
  4. Enter the Amount to Pay.
  5. Enter Smartcard Number.
  6. Select the option “Pay Product”
  7. Select Package Number.
  8. Select Period e.g., 1 -12 months.

How do I pay my DStv account online?

You can pay for your DStv account by using internet banking. To find out how much you owe, you can view your balance on your Account dashboard or dial *120*68584# from your mobile phone. When paying your account, choose MultiChoice from the list of pre-approved beneficiaries on your bank’s internet banking website.

How do I pay DStv online with my phone?

Pay or top up your DStv account

  1. Dial *120*321# and select the green/dial button on your cellphone.
  2. You will receive a Welcome to Cellphone Banking message.
  3. Key in your 5-digit Cellphone Banking PIN selected at registration.
  4. Choose ‘Prepaid’.
  5. Choose ‘PayTV’.
  6. Select ‘DStv’ or ‘BoxOffice’ and follow the easy prompts.

How do I pay DStv using Absa Botswana?


  1. Open the Absa Botswana Mobile App on your device.
  2. Login.
  3. Select the 3 lines at the top left of the screen.
  4. Select Manage Recipients.
  5. Select Add new recipient.
  6. Select Bill Payment.
  7. Select Television Subscription as the bill type.
  8. Select Multichoice – DSTV.

How do I reset my DStv after payment in Botswana?

Send an SMS to 30333 with the word RESET and your smartcard number. Your request will be processed and a confirmation message will be sent to you. After a while, check to see if the channels are accessible.

How do I subscribe to DStv using Botswana FNB App?

To subscribe through the FNB Botswana cellphone banking, here are the steps:

  1. Dial *130*321#
  2. Enter your five-digit cellphone banking code.
  3. Select option two “Banking” and choose the “Payment” option.
  4. Also, choose a recipient and then the payment option.
  5. Enter the beneficiary number and then the amount you are paying.