How to Register a Company in Botswana

Companies are registered by the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property (ROCIP):

Plot 181, Kgale Mews, P.O. Box 102, Gaborone, Botswana.

ROCIP also has offices in Francistown, Serowe, and Maun. There are two steps to incorporate a company and register a business: reservation of company/business name, and submission of incorporation documents as described below:

Reservation of Company or Business Name

ROCIP requires a reservation fee of P20.00 to be payable upon submission of Form 1 for the company name and Form RBN 1A for a business name. The expected turnaround time is five days. An online database of company names can be accessed to prevent duplicates ( subject to verification by ROCIP.

Requirements for Company Registration

Upon confirmation that the proposed company/business name is available, Company registration forms should be submitted. They are available for download on the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s website (

Forms require:

  • Directors’ personal details
  • Residential address – plot number, location, ward, village, or town; and
  • Full postal address.
  • If a representative is applying on behalf of the applicant, a letter authorizing the representative should be submitted.

The following documents should be submitted:

  1. Form 2 and Form 3 for a company limited by shares;
  2. Form 2A and Form 3 for a closed company;
  3. Form 2B and Form 3 for a company limited by guarantee;
  4. Form 3 (declaration) is to be filled by a qualified Company Secretary recognized by the Act or a Director/member of a company;
  5. The person presenting the application should provide their address, telephone or mobile numbers in the spaces provided;
  6. The person presenting the application should attach certified copies of their identity card or passport
  7. Certified copies of identity documents for the proposed directors and shareholders and a practicing certificate for the Company Secretary;
  8. Two (2) original bound sets of all documents are required
  9. P360.00 registration fee of payment upon submission and acceptance of registration documents
  10. In the case of a business, name registration form RBN 2 should be completed and submitted with a copy of the applicant’s identity document and a P150.00 registration fee.

It should be noted that reservations for business/company names are only valid for 30 days and only valid reservations are accepted for business/company registrations. If more than 30 days have elapsed, the business/company must be reserved again through the process listed above

Company Registration Process Map

Steps to Take When Registering a Business in Botswana

The following documents should be submitted:

Form 2 and Form 3 for a company limited by shares;

Form 2A and Form 3 for a closed company;

Form 2B and Form 3 for a company limited by guarantee;

Form 3 (declaration) is to be filled by a qualified Company Secretary recognized by the Act or a Director/member of a company;

Write a Business Plan

The first step to starting a successful business is to draft a business plan. A business plan should have details of the business structure, its owners, objectives, financial projections, risks, strengths, and weaknesses of the business. A business plan also shows the sources of business funding. In case you want to get a loan for a startup, you will need to present the business plan to the financial institution.

Seek Business Startup Capital

There are many sources of business startup finance. You can get a loan from a financial institution or an angel investor, crowdfunding, government funding, friends and relatives, or even from franchising. Before starting the business, you need to have a clear picture of the amount you need and where to get it.

Reserve Your Company Name

The next thing is to reserve a business name for your business. This is done with the registrar of companies. You need around a week in the business name reservation process, while the reserved name can stay valid for only 30 days. Failure to register the company within the reservation period will need to reserve the name again. Otherwise, another business can register under that name.

Register Your Company

The registration of companies in Botswana is done by the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property (ROCIP). The registration fee is P 360 and is done using the name reservation certificate. This is the business registration process.

You need to apply by proposing 3 business names with the Companies Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA). You can do a business name check online or submit an application form with the registrar of companies. If the name is approved, it will be reserved for 30 days.

You need to get a declaration of compliance signed by a representative of the company. The signing should be done before the commissioner of oaths and it is a statutory requirement. Then submit a company registration form with the national IDs or passports of the directors, shareholders, directors, and auditors. You also need to attach the practicing certificate of the company’s secretary. You need to provide the following information and certificates when registering a business in Botswana.

  • Company application forms
  • Personal details of the directors
  • Company’s proof of address
  • Copies of the IDs and passports of the directors

The documents to present vary depending on the type of business you are registering.

Secure Premises for Your Business

When registering your business, you need to provide proof of trading license in particular premises. The premises need to comply with the standards of public and environmental health standards. The Ministry of Trade and Industry, together with the Health Department and Environment Department, will inspect your business premises. The process takes around 7 days.

Secure a License

The other step is to get a trading license for your business. You can get one from the municipal authorities. The fee payable depends on the type of business one intends to operate. The process takes around three weeks. Ensure you carry your health inspection report for your business premises since you need to submit a copy.

Enroll for Tax

You need to register your business with Botswana Unifies Revenue Service (BURS) to ensure your business is tax compliant.  You need to have a Tax Identification Number (TIN). At this point, you can launch your business and start advertising it.

Open a Business Bank Account in Botswana

You also need to open a bank account for your business. It is best to have a separate bank account from a personal account. It makes it easier to manage and account for business expenses and revenues. Open a bank account that is convenient for your business.

Promote Your Business through Advertisement

Promote your business and let people know what services and products you are providing. You can advertise it on various platforms like social media, print media, posters, and billboards. Make sure that the method of advertisement you use is cost-effective for your business. With time, you will have an influx of customers.

How much is company registration in Botswana?


Different Botswana entity typesCostDraft Invoice
LLCUS$23,455View Invoice PDF
PLCUS$13,505View Invoice PDF
BranchUS$15,600View Invoice PDF
Representative officeUS$9,850View Invoice PDF

How do you register a company online in Botswana?

Process of Registering a Company in Botswana

Search for names can be done online at the database of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. On submission of the application form to the Registrar of Companies, the applicant should receive a reply within 3 days. Once approved, the company name is reserved for 30 days.

How do I register my business in Botswana?

  1. Reserve a unique company name.
  2. Declaration of compliance for Incorporation.
  3. Registration of the company.
  4. Receive inspection of company premises.
  5. Obtain an industrial license or trade license.
  6. Open a bank account.
  7. Obtain a tax identification number (TIN) from the Tax authority.
  8. Register for Value Added Tax (VAT)

How easy is it to start a business in Botswana?

Starting a business can seem daunting but the process is relatively straightforward. If you have a strong idea and you’ve carried out essential market research and planning, your business should thrive in Botswana. To start a business in Botswana, you’ll need financing.