How to Reverse Ewallet Botswana

The first thing to do is Dial *120*321# on your phone to access mobile banking · You have to enter your banking pin attached to your telephone number · Then Dial *120*321# on your phone to access mobile banking. Select “Send Money” (option 4). Select “eWallet reversal” (option 3). Now, select the transaction that you need to reverse.

The first step (not preferred) is to call the FNB eWallet reversal contact number on 087 575 9405. And it’s dependent on how responsive the call center would be – this is why we encourage people to use the following process as an alternative.

Now, the best option.

Use the USSD mobile banking service to reverse ewallet transactions sent to the wrong recipient or cellphone numbers.

Your money may not be reversed instantly but the recipient will also not have the ability to withdraw the money as well.

Follow these steps on your phone to reverse your e-wallet:

  1. Dial *120*321# on your phone to access mobile banking.
  2. Select “Send Money” (option 4).
  3. Select “eWallet reversal” (option 3).
  4. Now, select the transaction that you need to reverse.

Once done, here’s how the FNB ewallet reversal process works.

FNB would have received your e-wallet reversal request and will begin the process for you. It’s going to take about 4 business working days for the reversal process to complete and your money will be returned to you within 15 days.

This is why before you press that send button, always ensure the recipient’s phone number. The FNB reversal process takes time you might not afford.

You must use the FNB app to send e-wallets because it has access to your contact list on your phone. This way, you’ll always transfer money to the correct person you speak with every day.

How do I reverse FNB eWallet in Botswana?

To reverse eWallet customers can dial the short code *130*321# go to Send Money and follow the prompts.

How do I reverse money from eWallet?

Use these simple steps:

  1. Dial *120*321# on your mobile phone.
  2. Select alternative 4 for “Send Money”.
  3. Next, select alternative 5 for “eWallet reversal”.
  4. Select the transaction that you want to reverse.

How do you get an eWallet PIN in Botswana?

Turn your phone into a wallet

  1. Dial *130*392# to access the eWallet.
  2. Set a secret 5-digit PIN for the eWallet.
  3. Select ‘Withdraw cash’ and then ‘Get ATM PIN’
  4. You’ll receive an SMS with an ATM PIN.
  5. Go to an FNB ATM.
  6. At the ATM press the green button (enter/ proceed) and then Wallet Services.