How to Reverse Orange Money in Botswana

Orange Money is the mobile money service of Orange S.A., available in most of the group’s affiliates in Africa.

Orange Money is available in 17 countries of Africa and the Middle East (by order of launch): Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Madagascar, Botswana, Cameroon, Mauritius*, Guinea Conakry, Egypt, Tunisia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau.

Orange Money is a mobile money system that allows customers to access financial services using their Orange mobile phone numbers. This service gives customers the convenience that comes with a bank account. You can:

  • Deposit money Withdraw cash (Orange and Non-orange customers)
  • Transfer money (Orange and Non-orange customers)
  • Purchase Orange airtime
  • Pay and view your bills
  • Buy for goods and services

No, There is absolutely no link between a bank account and an Orange Money account This service is intended for anybody who has a mobile telephone and an Orange Simcard. Simply put, you can open and use an Orange Money account without having a bank account.

Yes. The minimum amount is as low as P1 for mobile top-ups.

Orange Money account holders can have balances between P0 and P30 000

No, Orange Money account opening is free. There is no servicing fee. There is no registration fee. Orange Money account is accessible by dialing the short code *145# (free of charge)

Paying transactions are :

  • Money Transfer (to Orange and to non-Orange customers)
  • Bill Payment
  • Cash withdrawal

You get charged only when you use these services

Yes. However, the Orange Money account is separated from your bank account. Thus, even if you do not have a bank account, you could still use your orange Money account

No. Orange Money account is different from your Airtime account. Airtime allows you to make calls and cannot, in any case, be used to purchase electronic money. To purchase Orange Money, you must deposit cash into your Orange Money account at an authorized dealer. With money in your Orange Money account, you can easily buy airtime and use all the other services.

Visit your nearest Orange Shop or authorized Orange Money agent to register for the service Click here for more details.

No, you do not need to change your Simcard to access Orange Money.

Orange Money service is submitted to the same technical constraints as the other Orange-offered services. A continuity plan has been put in place, in a way to minimize the Orange Money service interruption if it were to happen

  • To become an Orange Money agent, you need to send your request to Orange Botswana Head Office located at Plot 166, Corner Queens and Pilane Road Main Mall. You can also visit us to get more information.
  • As a distribution partner, your role is to:
    • Subscribe new customers to the service,
    • Manage customer transactions (deposit; cash withdrawal)
    • Inform customers of services
    • Respect the AML and Anti-Terrorist regulations on all subscriptions
  • Below are the minimum prerequisites which must be satisfied:
  • Administrative conditions:
    • Be a corporate body headquartered in Botswana.
    • Have the evidence of the company registration in the Botswana trade registry
    • Have a valid taxpayer account in Botswana
    • Have a bank or MFI account
    • Have a certificate of incorporation
  • Security recommendations
    • Have an enclosed outlet
    • Have secure public access: Grid security or permanent guard
    • Have a secure point of sale
    • Have valid insurance related to the practiced business, in particular against theft and fire

How do I withdraw money from my Orange account?

Withdraw money from an Orange Money account.

  1. Visit an Orange shop or an authorized point of sale.
  2. Provide the agent with your passcode (the one you received from the sender)
  3. Collect the money you requested from the agent at the point of sale.
  4. This service will be charged according to the applied ranges.

How do I transfer money from Orange to FNB?

All you have to do is:

  1. Dial *145# and press ‘send’ or ‘call’.
  2. Choose option 1 ‘Money transfer’ and press ‘send’ or ‘call’.
  3. Choose option 2 ‘Money transfer to non-Orange customers and to Orange customers’ and press ‘send’ or ‘call’.
  4. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer and press ‘send’ or ‘call’.

How much is Orange Money Limit?

Monthly Transaction Limit; P30 000.00

Orange Money has inbuilt protections such as A strict policy on anti-money laundering. Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures and transaction monitoring.

How do I check my Orange Money transfer?

4/4 Check Hybrid balance via *101#

  1. On Orange Yame app [Postpaid /Hybrid /Prepaid]
  2. Via Selfcare *121# [Postpaid /Prepaid]
  3. Check Prepaid balance via *155#
  4. Check Hybrid balance via *101#