How to Sell Your Toes in Zimbabwe

Toes are the digits of the foot. The toe refers to the part of the human foot, with five toes present on each human foot. Each toe consists of three phalanx bones, the proximal, middle, and distal, with the exception of the big toe (Latin: Hallux). The hallux only contains two phalanx bones, the proximal and distal.

  • Rumours that people in Zimbabwe are selling their toes for cash started as an online joke but were taken seriously by many.
  • The country’s deputy information minister visited a mall where the sales were allegedly happening and declared the claims false.

That’s what some people may be asking after false claims of an illicit toe trade happening in Zimbabwe spread widely on social media across Africa.

“In Zimbabwe, people have started selling their toes for thousands of dollars due to (the) high cost of living,” reads a May 31 Facebook post. The toes can bring in $20,000 to $40,000 “depending on size,” it said.

How much is a big toe in Zimbabwe?


But correspondents say the amounts involved – $40,000 for a big toe, $25,000 for a middle toe and $10,000 for a little one – are laughable and most people regard it as so.

What is Zimbabwe named after?

Etymology. The name “Zimbabwe” stems from a Shona term for Great Zimbabwe, a medieval city (Masvingo) in the country’s southeast whose remains are now a protected site.

How expensive is a toe?

Why is a thumb worth more than a finger?

Body part lostCompensation
First finger$18,400
Big toe$15,200

Which toe is the most valuable?

It probably is no surprise that your big toe is the most important when maintaining balance and bearing body weight. Your big toes bear just about 2 times the amount of weight as all your other toes combined! It still should not shock you that the pinky toes are the least important.