How to Study in Botswana

Education in Botswana is free, but it is not compulsory. The Ministry of Education has authority over all of Botswana’s educational structure except the University of Botswana.

Gaborone is the capital of Botswana. The country borders on Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The national currency of Botswana is Pula (BWP).

Botswana – Where to study?

The most popular student cities in Botswana.


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Reasons to study in Botswana

No 98 in the world education ranking

  1. 96. Cambodia
  2. 97. Venezuela
  3. 98. Botswana
  4. 99. Zimbabwe
  5. 100. Kenya

No 80 in the world ease of doing business ranking

  1. 78. Armenia
  2. 79. Tunisia
  3. 80. Botswana
  4. 81. Vietnam
  5. 82. Trinidad and Tobago

No 108 in the world economy ranking

  1. 106. Ethiopia
  2. 107. Tanzania
  3. 108. Botswana
  4. 109. Albania
  5. 110. Argentina

No 112 in the world safety ranking

  1. 110. Turkey
  2. 111. Malawi
  3. 112. Botswana
  4. 113. Zimbabwe
  5. 114. Angola

Botswana – Higher education system

The higher education system of Botswana is represented by 8 universities with 127 study programs. In addition 75 Bachelor programs at 8 universities, 31 Master programs at 5 universities, and 21 PhD programs at 4 universities.

Bachelor programs in Botswana

Master programs in Botswana

PhD programs in Botswana

Botswana – What to study?

The most popular disciplines in Botswana.

Business6~ GHS 17,122Search
Finance and Banking5~ GHS 17,321Search
Management5~ GHS 14,278Search
Computer Science5~ GHS 18,794Search
Accounting4~ GHS 18,030Search
Engineering4~ GHS 19,799Search
Tourism4~ GHS 15,488Search
Hospitality3~ GHS 15,274Search
Health2~ GHS 23,952Search
Multimedia Technology2~ GHS 23,733Search
Architecture2~ GHS 16,346Search
Design2~ GHS 16,346Search
Law and Jurisprudence2~ GHS 13,003Search
Logistics2~ GHS 11,963Search
IT2~ GHS 15,305Search
Arts2~ GHS 16,346Search
Environmental Studies2~ GHS 16,687Search
Marketing2~ GHS 11,963Search
Programming1~ GHS 14,484Search
Psychology1~ GHS 16,564Search
Biology1~ GHS 16,564Search
Applied Sciences and Professions1~ GHS 16,564Search
Animations1~ GHS 16,127Search
Fashion1~ GHS 16,127Search
Administration1~ GHS 9,442Search

The largest cities in Botswana

Higher education statistics for the largest cities in Botswana.

Gaborone7~ GHS 16,890Search
Palapye1~ GHS 16,809Search

Botswana – Average monthly personal finance statistics

How can I apply to study in Botswana?

The University of Botswana has an online application system through which prospective applicants can apply wherever they are, using any Internet facility available. Prospective applicants are therefore to apply online through the “STUDY” link on the University of Botswana website:

Can I study and work in Botswana?

When studying in Botswana you can earn a little extra cash for your basic necessities by being a part-time employee. There is a need for students to do their research properly in an effort of finding part-time jobs that closely suit them. If you have challenges in finding part-time employment, do not worry.

How much is the application fee at the University of Botswana for international students?

BWP 500.00

BWP 500.00 as an application fee per applicant.

How much does it cost to study in Botswana?

The university is also actively involved in research and has about seven faculties. The University of Botswana’s Tuition is relative to the academic program, and the category of students ranges from about 37,000 pula to about 80,000 pula.

How many points do you need to study in Botswana?

34 points

The minimum entry BGCSE points shall be 34 points for all undergraduate Degrees and 30 points for Diploma and Certificate programmes. g. The stipulated length of relevant work experience where required must have been met at the time of submitting the application.