INSEAD, Middle East Campus In Abu Dhabi INSEAD-ME Admission Requirements

INSEAD, Middle East Campus In Abu Dhabi INSEAD-ME Admission Requirements

Drawing on over 50 years of experience at the leading edge of business education and research in Europe and Asia, in 2007 INSEAD strengthened its presence in the Middle East with a campus in Abu Dhabi. INSEAD is committed to developing business education and to bringing advanced managerial ideas and worldwide business practices to the region.


The GEMBA is not simply an intensive business course. It is an intense all-around experience: a major commitment that must be sustained over many months. Before starting the EMBA Admissions process, please consider that you must attend – and prepare for – all modules without exception, as well as complete a substantial volume of work between modules.

Designed for experienced executives with intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn and challenge themselves in a rigorous academic programme. 

We welcome applications from around the world regardless of race, religion, gender or financial status and our aim is to build a top-quality, exciting, dynamic and diverse class.

Admissions Criteria

We have four EMBA Admissions criteria which all bear equal importance:

Proven Leadership

INSEAD is looking for applicants who can demonstrate their potential as leaders. We will consider your professional experience and past performance when assessing your application. Participants in a typical class have an average of 14 years of work experience, and at least three years in a management role in charge of teams and/or projects.

Academic Capacity

The INSEAD GEMBA is intensive, rigorous and challenging. You must have a sound academic foundation: an undergraduate degree or equivalent from a recognised college or university (although in exceptional circumstances, we may waive this requirement) and the Executive Assessment (EA), GMAT or the INSEAD Assessment.

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International Outlook

We attract applicants with cross-cultural sensitivity and an international outlook. We consider applicants who have lived, worked, or studied abroad or who are working for international companies or on an international level with clients, suppliers or other stakeholders.

Ability to Contribute

We seek candidates who demonstrate a clear desire for intellectual growth, both in the classroom and through working on group projects. Participants are expected to contribute proactively and share the insights they have gained throughout their professional and personal experiences.

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INSEAD Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi 

Al Khatem Tower, 29th and 30th floor

ADGM Square, Al Maryah Island

P.O.Box 48049, Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 2 651 5200

Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, excluding weekends and public holidays.