JCE Private Candidates Registration

Private candidates are informed that registration will start on the 18th of March to the 26th of April (For BGCSE and GCE O’ Levels) and Private candidates are informed that JCE Registration will start on the 13th of March and until the 1st of April.

The information regarding Registration can be accessed through the BEC website at www.bec.co.bw and the BEC Facebook page (Botswana Examinations Council) and Twitter Account @Bots_Exams. Candidates can also call the following lines for more information -Telephone 3650826, 3650809, 3650700, or visit BEC Headquarters situated at Plot No. 54864, along the Western by-pass between Mass Media Complex and Westgate Mall.

To view or download click here

To view or download click here

These Instructions refer to the requirements to register for the BGCSE examination at Botswana B Examinations Council. They also outline prohibited syllabus combinations.

The instructions are
intended for use by any individual candidate registering either as a BOCODOL, or individual private candidate. Candidates are expected to read and understand these instructions before they can register for the BGCSE examination.

Special attention must be paid to:
! Syllabus combinations available for private candidates.
! Carry forward facility for candidates wishing to register for a syllabus with a coursework
component that allows for marks to be carried forward from the previous year.
! Examination venues listed for the particular examination series.
! Special Needs requirements stipulated in the BEC/EAC/G01 – Access Arrangement and Special Consideration, A Guide for Centres available during registration and upon request from Botswana Examinations Council.
Each candidate is expected to have a copy of these instructions and use them for guidance during registration and any other time before the examination.