List Of Courses Offered In Daeyang University

List Of Courses Offered In Daeyang University

Below is the List Of Courses Offered In Daeyang University:
Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery
Bachelor of Science in Information Communication Technology
The University invites applications from interested candidates to enroll for the Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery Programme (BScNM), Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology (BScICT) and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery as detailed in the table under Section J.

Tuition fees                                              : K450,000 per Semester
Administrative &registration fee    : K60,000 per Academic Year
Students’ Council fee                           : K5,000 per Academic Year
Medical fee                                              : K21,600 per Calendar Year
Accommodation                                    : K20,000 per month
Meals                                                         : K45,000 per month for 3 meals per day.

NOTE: For MBBS candidates, further categories for admission may include self-sponsored students who shall be required to pay full economic cost for the training which is US $5,722.58 tuition per academic year for Malawians and SADC nationals; and US $8,722.50 for Non-Malawians from outside SADC. Candidates wishing to be considered under these categories should clearly state so in their application.
Students who are admitted to the three programmes and are needy are eligible to apply for loans from the Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board to pay their tuition fees.
Applications should be sent by post, courier or delivered by hand to the address provided on the front page before the closing dateApplications sent by e-mail or by fax will NOT be accepted.  Applicants should write an application letter and provide the following information:

  1. a) name, date of birth and sex;
  2. b) contact telephone numbers and for the parents/guardians/sponsor(s);
  3. c) e-mail address(es);
  4. d) disclose any form of disability;
  5. e) religious affiliation and statement about motivation or willingness to abide by the Christian values of the University;
  6. f) name of previous school;
  7. g) year when the Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations or examinations for the equivalent certificate was obtained;
  8. h) examination number;
  9. i) list of subjects written and the grades obtained in each subject;
  10. j) proof of ability to pay fees by attaching a letter from a parent/guardian/sponsor confirming sponsorship;
  11. k) attach a certified copy of the academic qualification or notification of results or letter of results signed by the head teacher, bearing a school date stamp.

A complete application package with the above information should be sent or delivered with evidence that you have deposited a non-refundable admission application fee of K15,000. Applications submitted without attaching a bank deposit slip for the admission application fee will be disqualified.