List Of Commercial Farmers In Zambia

What is Commercial Farming?

 Commercial farming is a method where crops and livestock are raised to sell products in order to make money. 

List Of Commercial Farmers In Zambia

Who is the richest commercial farmer in Zambia?

 Maria Zaloumis. Maria Zaloumis is a well-known entrepreneur and farmer in Zambia. She is the founder of Zambeef Products, one of the largest integrated agribusinesses in Zambia.

How many commercial farmers are in Zambia?

Zambia’s agricultural sector displays a dual structure, where a few (about 740) large commercial farms, concentrated along the railway line,

co-exist with scattered smallholders (600 000 – 800 000 families) and some small commercial farmers (25 000 families).

What are the types of commercial farming in Zambia?

Other areas of the region mainly produce bulrush millet, sorghum, and cassava. Zambia’s large commercial farmers are concentrated in Region II.

Their farming systems are mechanized and highly diverse, cultivating maize, soybeans, wheat, cotton, tobacco, coffee, vegetables, and flowers, and breeding livestock.