List Of Deployed Teachers In Zambia

What is a Deployed Teacher?

Teacher deployment systems determine where and how teachers are placed, and the conditions for changing teaching posts.

List Of Deployed Teachers In Zambia

How much do teachers get paid per month in Zambia?

The estimated salary for a Teacher is ZMW 9,000 per month in the Zambia area. 

How are teachers Deployed in Zambia?

The Ministry derives its mandate from the Education Act No. 13 of 1995, Cap 134 of the Laws of Zambia, and is responsible for deploying teachers through its various directorates.

The Permanent Secretary is responsible for seeking Cabinet authority to recruit teachers through the Public Service Management Division.

How many teachers will be Deployed in Zambia in 2023?

The Unemployed Teachers Association of Zambia welcomes a move by the government to employ 4,500 teachers in 2023.