List Of Education Policies In Zambia

What are Education Policies?

Education policy consists of the principles and policy decisions that influence the field of education, as well as the collection of laws and rules that govern the operation of education systems.

Education governance may be shared between the local, state, and federal governments at varying levels. 

List Of Education Policies In Zambia

  • ‘Educational Reform’ (1977) – which highlighted education as an instrument for personal and national development;
  • ‘Focus on Learning (1992) – which emphasized the need for the mobilization of resources for the development of schools;
  • ‘Educating Our Future’ (1996) – stresses the importance of education for all children in primary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions.

What are the three policies that have been used in the provision of special education in Zambia?

As a result, the Zambian government has adopted a policy (i.e., Educating Our Future) that stipulates equal opportunities, nondiscrimination, social justice,

protection of basic human rights, and participation of students with disabilities in the mainstream activities of school and society.