List of Government Ministers In Zambia

Who is a Government Minister?

A minister is a politician who heads a ministry, making and implementing decisions on policies in conjunction with the other ministers.

In some jurisdictions, the head of government is also a minister and is designated the ‘prime minister’, ‘premier’, ‘chief minister’, ‘chancellor’, or another title.

List of Government Ministers In Zambia

Hon. Chushi Kasanda

Hon. Stanley Kakubo

Hon. Collins Nzovu

Hon. Paul Kabuswe

Hon. Chipoka Mulenga

Hon. Frank Tayali

Hon. Reuben Phiri

Hon. Douglas Syakalima

Hon. Sylvia Masebo

Hon. Mulambo Haimbe

Hon. Mike Mposha

Hon. Elvis Nkandu

Who is the Defence Minister in Zambia?

Ambrose Lwiji Lufuma (born October 26, 1957) is a Zambian politician, businessman, and economist. He is Zambia’s current Minister of Defense.

Who is the Minister of Education in Zambia?

Douglas Syakalima – Minister of Education – Zambia Government.

How much does Minister earn per month in Zambia?

Cabinet Ministers, the Chief Whip, and the Leader of the Opposition are at the same level of pay and  receive K253,202 annual basic salary and K65,408

a special annual allowance, which translates to a monthly salary of K26,550.