List Of Government Ministries In Zambia

Who are Ministries?

Ministry or department (also less commonly used as secretariat, office, or directorate) are designations used

by first-level executive bodies in the machinery of governments that manage a specific sector of public administration.

List Of Government Ministries In Zambia

Ministry of Labour and Social Security (Zambia)

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (Zambia)

Ministry of Community Development and Social Services.

Ministry of Local Government (Zambia)

How many ministerial positions are there in Zambia?

The Cabinet of Zambia consists of the President, Vice-President, twenty-five Ministers, and the Attorney General.

It formulates the government’s policies and advises the President.

What are the duties of the Ministry of Local Government in Zambia?

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) is charged with the responsibility of 

promoting a decentralized and good local governance system, facilitating the delivery of quality municipal services in order to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.