List Of Microfinance Institutions In Zambia

What are Microfinance Institutions?

Like a bank, a microfinance institution is a provider of credit. However, the size of the loans is smaller than those granted by traditional banks. 

List Of Microfinance Institutions In Zambia

Bayport Financial Services

Blue Financial Services

Bomach Finance

Butala Finance

Capital Solutions

Elpe Finance

FINCA Zambia

Letshego Financial Services

Meanwood Finance Corporation

Microfin Africa

Mtawila Financial Services

Nedfin Limited

Royal Microfinance

Unity Finance

Who regulates microfinance institutions in Zambia?

The process of developing the regulations started in 1999, culminating in the passing of the Banking and Financial Services (Microfinance) Regulations (MFRs) which became law on 30 January 2006.

The responsibility of regulating and supervising the financial sector11 lies with the central bank, the Bank of Zambia.

When did microfinance start in Zambia?

The guarantee scheme was set up in the early 1980s by the government and administered through the Bank of Zambia, to encourage financial services

(Maimbo and Mavro provided to the small-scale farmers through the then Land Bank.