List of Registered Church’s In Botswana

A Registered Church parish register of baptisms, marriages, and deaths.

Churches in Botswana

Apostolic Faith Mission Apostolic Faith Mission.

Sedibeng Catholic Mission Sedibeng Catholic Mission.

Church Of The Nazarene Mission Church Of The Nazarene Mission.

United Congregational Church Of Southern Africa United Congregational Church Of Southern Africa.

Roman Catholic Church

Forward In Faith International

Catholic Mission

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Sisters Of Calvary (moreneng) St Paul

Abundant Life Fellowship

Stigmati Community

Baptist Mission Of Botswana

Baptist Mission

Lutheran Church In Southern Africa

Anglican Church-diocese Of Botswana

Apostolic Faith Mission Of Botswana

Goodness Church Fellowship

Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God

Spiritual Healing Church

Full Gospel Church Of God

Catholic Mission: Parish House Mission

Anglican Church St Augustine

Spiritual Healing Church

Catholic Church

Apostolic Faith Mission

How many churches are there in Botswana?

Total Church Membership: 3,524. Congregations:15. Missionary work in Botswana began in 1990.

How many Christians are in Botswana?

Botswana is a Christian majority nation, and allows freedom of religious practice. A country of an estimated 2.26 million people in 2015, Christianity arrived in Botswana in mid 1870s, with the arrival of Christian missionaries.

What religion is in Botswana?

Religion of Botswana. About one-half of the country’s population is Christian, predominantly independent Christian, with some Protestant. Some one-third adhere to traditional beliefs as their primary religious orientation.