List Of Registered Engineers In Zambia

Who is an Engineer?

Engineers, as practitioners of engineering, are professionals who invent, design, analyze, build, and test machines, complex systems, structures,

gadgets and materials to fulfill functional objectives and requirements while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost.

List Of Registered Engineers In Zambia

How much do Registered Engineers earn in Zambia per month?

A person working in Engineering in Zambia typically earnsĀ around 5,060 ZMK per month.

Who was the first engineer in Zambia?

ANDREW Elias Kashita was a luminary in so many facets of life. He will go down the annals of history as the first Zambian to

become a mechanical engineer at the time the industry was dominated by white people.

Which university is the best for engineering in Zambia?

University of Zambia.

Copperbelt University. Zambia | Kitwe.

Which type of engineering is best in Zambia?




Applied Physics.

Architectural Engineering.


Automation and Control.