List Of Toll Gates In Zambia

What is Toll Gate?

A point where the driver of a vehicle must pay a toll.

List Of Toll Gates In Zambia

How many toll gates are in Zambia?

In Zambia, 26 toll roads and 37 toll sites.

How much do drivers pay at toll gates in Zambia?

Class 1
Light vehicles, between 3,500 – 6,500 Kg,
with or without a trailer. Includes motor cars,
vans, and minibusses with up to 15 seats.K10 – K15

Class 2

Buses with 24 seats and above. K20
Class 3 Medium heavy vehicles (between 16,501 –
30,000 Kg) with two/three axles. K25

Class 4

Large heavy vehicles (between 30,000-
56,000 Kg) with three/four axles. K40 – K60

Class 5

Large heavy vehicles, more than 56,000 Kg. K80

Class 6

Extra large vehicles including abnormal load
with five or more axles 70,000 Kg. K160