Lithium Solar Batteries Prices in Zimbabwe

Lithium solar batteries are the best at storing energy for solar systems. They are more efficient, charge faster, do not require maintenance, and last significantly longer. The efficiency stems from the batteries’ low internal resistance, which allows them to charge with minimal loss.


  • 100ah tubular. $230.00 Add to cart.
  • 150ah. $265.00 Add to cart.
  • 200ah. $300.00 Add to cart.
  • 220ah. $460.00 Add to cart.
  • 330w panel. $184.00 Add to cart.
  • 370w panel. $219.00 Add to cart.
  • 48V Leoch 4.8kwh. Call for Price Call for Price.
  • Pylon 50AH 48V 2.4. $1,522.00 Add to cart.

How much is a lithium battery in Zimbabwe?

Lithium solar battery prices in Zimbabwe

Pylontech1.2KWh (100Ah) 48V$1750
Pylontech1.8KWh (150Ah)$1300
Pylontech2.4KWh (200Ah) 24V$1260
Blue Carbon1.2KWh (100Ah) 24V$875

How much does a lithium battery cost for solar?

A single lead-acid battery can cost between $200 and $800 or even more depending on the size/power of the battery. Multiple lead-acid batteries may be needed to keep a household powered completely. The average cost of a residential lithium-ion solar battery system with installation falls in the $7,000 to $14,000 range.

Where can I get lithium in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has the largest lithium deposits in Africa. The Bikita mine, located 308 km south of the capital Harare has the country’s largest lithium mine with reserves of 10.8 million tons of lithium ore.