Liwa College Of Technology (LCT) Admission Requirements

Liwa College Of Technology (LCT) Admission Requirements

Located at the heart of the rapidly evolving Abu Dhabi city, the Liwa College of Technology (LCT) was established in 1993 following recognition by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education.

LCT was established to prepare students for the careers of the future by keeping up with the latest scientific, technical, and business developments of contemporary life.

LCT has established itself as one of the leading institutions of higher education in the UAE and the region.

The Admission Requirements are:

To Apply for any program offered by LCT Prospective students must submit:

A. Fill out the Admission form and accept the system by-laws at L.C.T.

B. Original or Certified copy of Secondary School Certificate attested from the MOE or its equivalent.

C. Copy of a valid passport (and residence visa for non-local students).

D. Copy of UAE National Family Registry for (local students).

E. Valid UAE National Identity Card.

F. Two Recent passport-size coloured Photographs.

G. A certificate of no objection to studying for UAE students (male) by the National & Reserve Service.

H. Original English proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL or EmSAT) if applicable.

I. Official transcript and course syllabi from another university for credit transfer if applicable.

J. AED 3500 as first payment (Non-refundable).

1. Submission of Application

An application for admission to any program offered by LCT can be only submitted in Person.

2. Documents Required

To apply for any program offered by LCT prospective students must submit:

Fill out the Admission form and accept the system and laws in L.C.T.

Original High School Certificate attested from the Ministry of Education in U.A.E.

Seven different subjects from O, AS or A Levels with a minimum grade of C & above.

Passing IESOL, TOEFL, IELTS, or EmSat if applicable.

3500/- as a first payment (not refundable).

Passport copy.

2 photographs.

A.E National ID.

Prospective students must sign a consolidated pledge (LCT/REG/F.02.01) at the Admission Office in order to complete the file. Applicants who have submitted applications with missing information will be requested to provide the required information prior to a full assessment of the application can be undertaken.

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3. Informing the Student

Upon the assessment of the admission application, the Admission Office, being the responsible unit, will inform the student of the status of his/her admission through the acceptance admission letter.

4. Attestation of Documents

In cases where a certificate is issued by another educational authority outside UAE, the documents have to be attested to by that relevant authority (such as the Ministry of Education, Education Board, and British Council), then the concerned country’s Embassy in the UAE, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.

Undergraduate Entry Requirements

A. All applicants for LCT’s programs must achieve a recognized and official secondary school certificate or its equivalent showing successful completion of secondary education.

B. All applicants who studied at private schools have to be graduates from a school that is licensed and recognized by the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

C. Students who complete a UAE General Secondary School Certificate must achieve a minimum score of 60% for entry to LCT’s undergraduate programs, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

D. Students with Industrial, Applied Technology, Commercial and Agricultural Secondary School Certificates and with a minimum score of 65% can be admitted to LCT programs.

E. Applicants from foreign schools that follow systems of education applied in their native countries, which have two levels of secondary school education, have to complete the higher level of secondary education in order to be admitted.

English Language Requirements

An adequate level of English language proficiency is required for admission. Applicants are required to present one of the following certificates of proficiency:

Arabic programs450464.538B1950
English programs50061544B11100

Important Notes:

A. English proficiency certificate must be valid, so that it is not more than two years from the test date.

B. If the student does not meet the required English proficiency language, the Student will be allowed to register for English level and some courses from the General Program.

C. English-level attendance is mandatory for students during the study.

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