About LUANAR Department of Agricultural Engineering

About Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources (LUANAR) Department of Agricultural Engineering


About the Department

The Agricultural Engineering Department was established at Bunda College of Agriculture in 1972 and has the mandate of teaching, conducting research, and providing outreach and consultancy services in irrigation and agricultural engineering.
The department takes a leading role in the promotion of agricultural production through the development and introduction of appropriate engineering technologies and practices for the sustainable production, distribution, and processing of biological products such as crops and livestock.
The department places a strong emphasis on research and firmly believes that a research-oriented atmosphere enhances the quality of the teaching and learning process. The department welcomes partnership with industry as one way of linking its teaching and research with industrial needs.


The mission of the Agricultural Engineering Department is to advance, promote and disseminate the knowledge and application of engineering needed to efficiently produce, distribute, and process biological products while conserving natural resources, preserving environmental quality, and ensuring the health and safety of people