LUANAR ODL Programmes

LUANAR ODL Programmes

LUANAR Open and Distance Learning Center has the following Degree Programmes:

BSc Agribusiness Management
BSc Agricultural Extension
BSc Agricultural Economics
BSc Agriculture Innovations

Delivery Approach

The ODL programmes will be delivered using the blended model where residential sessions and distance study will be used. The residential sessions orient students on the philosophy and implementation model of ODLas well as provide an opportunity for the students to better appreciate their course contents and other forms of electronic and non-electronic forms of delivery. During the fi rst year of the programme, when teaching and learning infrastructure is being constructed, programmes will be delivered through correspondence using printed materials, face-to-face and partial e-learning pathways. From the second year, the programme will operate using modern e-learning facilities in all centres that will be completed within twelve months.
The study programmes will start with one week orientation at Bunda Campus and in the Satellite Centers followed by fourteen weeks of home-study and one week of examinations in each semester. Examinations will be held at Bunda Campus and in the Satellite Centers.

Selection Criteria

Admission of students into ODL programmes will be based on the university selection criteria. Applicants will be selected through the normal university selection process. The detailed admission criteria will be based on the respective programme philosophy.