MAGU-Faculty of Commerce & Management

MAGU-Faculty of Commerce & Management

About MAGU-Faculty of Commerce & Management

Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) is a Christian University located in the city of Lilongwe, Malawi, which is in the southern part of Africa. The University is situated along the Paul Kagame road in area 32, in the capital city of Lilongwe The university began with three faculties providing high quality and innovative education to its students. MAGU is set up as an independent education institution led by a University Council which is guided by a Charter.  It is envisaged that Faculties will increase by broadening into various social-humanitarian arena of humanity. The leaders dream that the University will be a premier Christian school establishing itself as the place for developing capacity of transformational leaders who in turn impact their communities.
Currently, all the faculties provide innovative and dynamic programs. The faculty of Education provides Educational Degrees equipping one to work as an educational instructor/facilitator in Primary and Secondary level schools of Malawi. The Faculty of Commerce and Management provides professional degrees in Accountancy, Marketing, Insurance, Strategic Management, Banking and Financing essential to support the Trade and Industry sectors of Africa. The faculty of Theology and Ministerial Formation empowers the prospective students with tools to effectively lead and minister as competent workers of God in various communities

MAGU-Faculty of Commerce & Management Courses Offered             

BCom (Accountancy)
BCom (Marketing)
BCom (Banking and Finance)
BCom (Business Inform. Systems)
BCom (Human Resources)
BCom (Insurance)
BA (Business Administration)
BA (Cooperative Business)
ICAM (PAEC) Diploma (Instructor Centre)

MAGU-Faculty of Commerce & Management Admission

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Phone number(s):   0998784590 / 265884394302
Postal address:  P.O.  Box 184, Lilongwe, Malawi 
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