Malawi Assemblies of God University Application Procedure

Malawi Assemblies of God University Application Procedure

To apply, download and fill the application form in pdf or word formats and send it to MAGU by hand, email or post using the contact details below.
Send the application forms together with all the required documents as stipulated on the admission requirements page.
Download MAGU Undergraduate Application Form here
Please carefully read all the instructions on the application forms.
Basic Requirements for All Faculties

  • Application for Admission: fully completed by the prospective student.
  • Satisfactory evidence of a definite Christian conversion, sound moral character, and personal integrity. A written testimony is required and certified affidavit from a local church leadership
  • Demonstrate a life-calling, commitment and passion to the vocation desired and the willingness of becoming a devoted follower of Christ and witness through the profession.
  • The common regulations of the bachelor’s degree of the Malawi Assemblies of God University shall apply. Holder of Malawi School Certificate of Education, IGSCE “O” level or its equivalent with a minimum of 6 credits or equivalent of a “C” including English. Students who do not meet these requirements may be admitted upon obtaining a minimum of “B” grade in the bridging course to be offered by the Malawi Assemblies of God University. Ever prospective candidate should produce Secondary School Transcripts (Certificates). Holder of qualifications deemed to be equivalent to any of the above.
  • A Medical Certificate: completed by a registered medical doctor, stating the applicant is in good health.
  • Two reference forms: A pastor’s Reference Form and a Church Leader Reference Form. These forms should be completed by those who have known the applicant for at least one year and who are not a relative.
  • Must be able to study and communicate in the English language.
  • A non-refundable application fee as specified in the current fee schedule of the institution.
  •  Produce evidence of adequate financial support for his/her University studies
  • Applicants transferring credits from another approved post-graduate program or applicants who have an earned post-graduate degree, they need a GPA of 2.5 to be admitted.
  • All the graduate programs need a prerequisite of a completed undergraduate program (Bachelors degree).
  • After all required documents have been submitted, reviewed and approved; applicants will be requested to come to the campus for an interview with the admissions committee before a decision can be made for acceptance.

Mail all application materials to the address below:

P.O. Box 184
Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa

We encourage all applicants to contact us and forward an email informing us of your interest to apply. Once your application has been received the MAGU office will confirm reception of your application packet by replying to your email.