Mega Tanks Prices in Zimbabwe

Mega tanks are built with highly durable, chemical-resistant resins formulated for today’s pesticides and fertilizers. They are built to the internal specifications of the manufacturer, not according to a national standard.

Mega Tanks Prices in Zimbabwe

How much is a 5000 Litre tank in Zimbabwe?

2,500 Litres: US$220.00. 5,000 Litres: US$350.00. 7,500 Litres: US$650.00.

How much does a 1 million gallon tank cost?

The 1 million-gallon water tank will cost $5,308,500, according to a news release.

How much does a 2000 Litre water tank cost?

2000 Litre = Rs 12,000. 3000 Litre = Rs 18,000.

How much does a water tank cost?

Water Heater Installation And Replacement Cost (2023 Guide ...

Storage tank water heaters can cost around $500 to $800, but costs vary on the size of the tank. Installing a tank-style hot water heater averages between $650 and $2,100. Tankless water heaters have pros and cons and they have gained popularity as people strive to make their homes energy efficient.