Mesh Wire Prices in Zimbabwe

“Wire mesh” is a generic term. It refers to two- or three-dimensional lattices made from two or more metallic wires which are linked to one another by different processes such as welding, weaving, netting, or knitting.

Buy diamond mesh wire fencing supplies in Zimbabwe. We distribute fences and poles completely ready for erection. It’s the best quality you can ever get on the market nationwide. Our wire is galvanized and safe from rusting. Instant deliveries are available for Harare, Ruwa, Norton, Chitungwiza and near towns.

Mesh Wire Prices in Zimbabwe

What is the price of fencing wire mesh?

Shamba - This 25 x 25 mm mesh is an excellent alternative ...

Ksh 18,000 per roll. Free delivery to your doorstep.

How many meters is a roll of wire mesh?

*Lead times can vary slightly. 6 metre long roll of 1.22mx30m galvanized welded wire steel mesh.

What are the available sizes of wire mesh?


MeshWire Diameter (inch)Opening (inch)
10 x 100.0100.090
12 x 120.0090.074
14 x 140.0080.063
16 x 160.0070.056

Which wire mesh is best?

Metal Mesh: Types, Materials, Patterns, Benefits and Applications

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless steel is renowned for its dependability, sturdiness, and longevity in producing wire mesh. Any outdoor application can use stainless steel because of its resistance to rust. In addition, its durability and strength make it the most widely used type of wire mesh.