National Institute of Public Administration (Africa) (NIPA) Tuition Fees Structure

This information involves National Institute of Public Administration, NIPA Fee Structure: 2021/2022.  Authority of National Institute of Public Administration, NIPA has released the amount payable as school fees for diploma and certificate programmes for the 2021/2022 academic session.

This is to inform all the prospective candidates offered provisional admission or probably seeking admission into the National Institute of Public Administration, NIPA for 2021/2022 academic session that the management of the institution has released the amount they are required to pay as acceptance fee.

We specifically publish this information here today, for all people who need to know the current school fees of the National Institute of Public Administration, NIPA.

Please note that if you have applied for admission to the National Institute of Public Administration, NIPA or if you are already a student, it is advised that you know the current tuition fees for all students, and this knowledge will help you, avoiding making mistakes that will cost you your admission.

NIPA Fee Structure: 2020/2021


The following is the institution’s diploma and certificate programmes and their respective tuition fees:

  • NIPA requires at least 10% down payment for enrolment in Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes.

The Approved School fee schedules for the academic year 2020/2021 are indicated below:

Study Mode Key: *FT – Full Time         *PT – Part Time        *D – Distance
ProgrammeTuition Fees per Semester ZMWTuition Fees per Annum ZMWMode of StudyDuration
1Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (PDM) – I4,5939,186FT1 year
2Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies (PDM) – II4,593
3Certificate in Management Studies (CMS)4,593FT/PT2 Years
4Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)- I4,523FT/PT3 Years
5Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)- II4,523
6Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)- III4,620
7Certificate in Human Resource Management (CHRM)4,467FT/PT2 Years
8Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) – I4,620FT/PT/D3 Years
9Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) – II4,831
10Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM) – III4,913
11Diploma in Health Services Management – I4,091FT3 years
12Diploma in Health Services Management – II4,091
13Diploma in Health Services Management – III4,091
14Diploma in Public Relations (DPR) – I4,467FT/PT3 Years
15Diploma in Public Relations (DPR) – II4,620
16Diploma in Public Relations (DPR) – III4,620
17Diploma in project Management – I4,4678,934PT2 Years
18Diploma in project Management – II4,6209,240
19Certificate in Records Management4,175FT/PT2 Years
20Diploma in Records Management – I4,175FT/PT3 Years
21Diploma in Records Management – II4,314
22Diploma in Records Management – III4,467
23Diploma in Public Administrations (DPA) – I4,620FT/PT/D3 Years
24Diploma in Public Administrations (DPA) – II4,759
25Diploma in Public Administrations (DPA) – III4,913
26Diploma in Social Work (DSW) – I4,412FT/PT3 Years
27Diploma in Social Work (DSW) – II4,467
28Diploma in Social Work (DSW) – III4,620
29Advanced Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation2,978FT/PT6 months
30Bachelor of Public Administration8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
31Bachelor of Human Resources Management8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
32Bachelor of Public Relations8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
33Bachelor of Development Studies8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
34Bachelor of Records, Archives and Information Management8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
35Bachelor of Social Work8,22816,456FT/PT4 years
36Bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy8,22816,456PT4 years
37Certificate in Prosecutions2,783FT/PT/D6 months
38Certificate in Law4,425FT2 Years
39Diploma in Law (DL) – I4,620FT/PT/D3 Years
40Diploma in Law (DL) – II4,620
41Diploma in Law (DL) – III4,831
42Pre- ZIALE Course5,445PT2 months
43Bachelor of Laws8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
44Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years (Jan)
45Bachelor of Arts in Defence and Security Studies8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years (Jan)
46Certificate in Business Administration (CBA)3,931FT/PT/D2 Years
47Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) 13,931FT/PT/D3 Years
48Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) II4,105
49Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) III4,105
50Certificate in Banking and Finance3,722FT1 year
51Diploma in Banking and Finance4,0228,044FT/PT1 year
52Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport – Certificate3,618PT6 months
53Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport – Diploma4,0918,182PT1 year
54Certificate in Information Systems and Programming (CISP)4,175FT/PT2 years
55Diploma in Information Systems and Programming (DISP)I4,314FT/PT3 year
56Diploma in Information Systems and Programming (DISP)II4,467
57Diploma in Information Systems and Programming (DISP)III4,467
58Certificate in Accountancy & Government Accounting3,5777,154FT/PT2 years
59Diploma in Accountancy & Government Accounting I3,5777,154FT3 years
60Diploma in Accountancy & Government Accounting II3,6437,286
61Diploma in Accountancy & Government Accounting III3,7297,458
62ZICA Technician I3,939FT/PT2 years
63ZICA Technician II3,939FT/PT
64ZICA Licentiate I4,314FT/PT
65ZICA Licentiate II4,314FT/PT
66Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM)3,7227,444FT/PT2 years
67Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) – Certificate3,931FT/PT6 months
68Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) – Advanced3,931FT/PT6 months
69Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) – Diploma4,091FT/PT6 months
70Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) – Graduate Level4,091FT/PT6 months
71Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply (ZIPS)2,6265,252FT/PT2 years
72Bachelor of Business Administration8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
73Bachelor of Science in Computer Science8,22816,456FT/PT4 years
74Bachelor of Science in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
75Bachelor of Transport and Logistics8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
76Bachelor of Accounting and Finance8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
77Bachelor of Business Studies with Education8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
78Bachelor of Computer Studies with Education8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
79Bachelor of Economics8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
80Bachelor of Information Technology8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
81Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies8,22816,456FT4 years
82Bachelor of Performing and Creative Arts8,22816,456FT4 years
83Bachelor of Marketing and Creative Studies8,22816,456FT4 years
84Bachelor of Science in Disaster Studies and Sustainable Development8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
85Bachelor of Science in Climatology and Meteorology8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
86Bachelor of Science in Land and Water Conservation8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
87Bachelor of Emergency Management in Fire Protection and Risk8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
88Bachelor of Emergency Management in Occupational Health and Safety8,22816,456FT/PT/D4 years
Description of fees (Master’s Programmes)SEMESTER ONE (ZMW)SEMESTER TWO (ZMW)PER ANNUM (ZMW)
Masters Tuition6,750.006,750.0013,500.00
Maintenance FeesPer Semester165
Medical FeesPer Semester55
Union FeesPer Semester55
Library FeesPer Semester220
Registration FeePer Semester165
Internet FeesPer Semester220
Examination FeesPer Semester121
Identity CardFirst semester55
Application FeesWhen applying165
Penalty FeesWhen charged110
Research Report Binding (4 Copies)Last semester only660
Research / Project Handling FeesLast semester only484
GraduationsTBA- AccountsTBA- Accounts
Consolidation (Ordinary)End of Programme121
Consolidation (Express)End of Programme242
Self-containedPer semester6, 600
Single roomsPer semester3,163
Shared roomsPer semester1, 898

For information and inquiries, you can contact the National Institute of Public Administration, NIPA by visiting the institution’s official website.