National University Of Lesotho Accommodation

National University Of Lesotho Accommodation

Masenate 304

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Africa 123
Chancellor 50
Freedom 55
Khotso 100
Mswati 50
Murtala 84
Tšepo Extension

Off Campus Accommodation
The University can only accommodate 1304 students on campus and therefore most senior students normally look for accommodation outside of our campus.
Residence Rules and Regulations

  1. Allocation and occupation of a room is not a right, but a privilege extended to students at NUL. It is illegal to occupy a room without authorisation.


  1. Applications for preferred rooms in the halls of residence shall not be entertained.


  1. Transfer of occupation can only be made based on the merits of the case under consideration.


  1. Study bedrooms of students are not open to visitors between 2300 hours and 0700 hours.


  1. Married couples will not be accommodated as a “couple” in the halls of residence.


  1. Use of key-hole blockers on room doors can only be allowed upon submission of a duplicate to the Warden/Student Welfare Officer.


  1. The University shall not be held responsible for loss of personal properties of students in the residences. Losses/theft should however be reported immediately for purposes of investgations to the Security office and to the Warden.


  1. Students shall not make any alterations to the structure of the rooms, including door locks and electrical installations.


  1. Cooking/frying/toasting in the rooms/ common rooms and corridors is prohibited. Appliances found in the rooms shall be confiscated and responsible students shall be subjected to disciplinary processes and penalties as may be prescribed from time to time.


  1. Students shall refrain from hanging pictures or other articles on the walls/doors in a manner that defaces these surfaces.


  1. Students must bring sheets to cover their beds.


  1. It is the responsibility of each occupant to keep his/her room clean.


  1. No student is allowed to duplicate the residence keys without authority of the Warden.


  1. Students are responsible for all fittings, furniture and any other equipment provided by the University in their rooms. Damage to property other than through normal wear and tear shall be charged to the students at cost including labour.


  1. Students must be reasonably quite in the residences at all times.


  1. During the periods 2300 hours and 0700 every effort should be made to maintain complete quietness. Should radios/music be played, they must not be audible in adjoining rooms.


  1. In their own interest, students should inform the Warden if they shall be away from the University for the night.


  1. Rooms allocated to students and not taken up within 7 days for local students and 14 days for international students shall be reallocated, unless otherwise indicated.


  1. It shall be an offence for any student to occupy or allow occupation of a room without authorization.


  1. Squatting is strictly prohibited in the students’ halls of residence.


  1. Students shall normally not be allowed to remain in the residences at the end of each semester. Special arrangements can be made for international students who cannnot travel home at this time. Students are therefore encouraged to take their properties as they leave. A limited storage facility is however available for deserving cases in December.

Breach of residential regulations can lead to reparation, suspension or expulsion from the halls of residence.