New York University, Abu Dhabi NYUAD Courses Offered

New York University, Abu Dhabi NYUAD Courses Offered

The 21st century requires rigorous, broad, and imaginative educational training. NYU Abu Dhabi provides extraordinary opportunities for individual exploration and growth and prepares students to succeed in a truly global world.

Academic Courses

Academic programs in the Arts and Humanities are firmly rooted in the best traditions of a liberal arts curriculum but they approach this curriculum from new intellectual perspectives.

Courses are shaped around a deep commitment to global frameworks of understanding, and, where appropriate, they present, examine, and discuss the history, theory, and practice of the arts together rather than separately.

These approaches are a distinguishing characteristic of the Arts and Humanities at NYU Abu Dhabi and they signal a belief in both an ethics and a disciplinary inventiveness suited to the contemporary world.

Courses instil an awareness of the global interconnectedness of human values and of the need for communication and respect between cultures; courses also enable students to deepen their understanding of Middle Eastern history and culture.

Undergraduate Courses

A. African Studies

B. Ancient World

C. Anthropology

D. Arab Crossroads Studies

E. Arab Music Studies

F. Arabic

G. Art and Art History

H. Chinese

I. Design

K. Film and New Media

L. Heritage Studies

M. History

N. Interactive Media

O. Legal Studies

P. Literature and Creative Writing

Q. Music

R. Philosophy

S. Theatre

Graduate Courses

A. Master of Fine Arts in Art and Media

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