About Ngwane Teacher Training College

About Ngwane Teacher Training College

To provide a diversified curriculum for the development of highly skilled competent and resourceful teachers who will contribute effectively and efficiently to the development of the nation and the SADC region.


To be an excellent teacher educator institution renowned for producing competent teachers and providing quality service by engaging experienced professionals using modern systems that prospective teachers and other significant stakeholders aspire to associate with in the deliverance of quality education in Swaziland and beyond.


Ngwane Teachers’ College (NTC) is situated in the Shiselweni region. The college is about 3km south of Nhlangano town. The college was established in 1982 as a government institution under the ministry of Education. The construction of the college emanated from the findings of an education commission which was set up by the government in 1976. The recommendations of the commission included the construction of a teachers’ college which would have diversified programmes that would include practical subjects such as Agriculture, Art and Crafts, Music, and Home Economics.
The construction of the college was sponsored by the European Union (EU) and was officially opened on 30th September 1983 by Prince Bhekimpi Dlamini who was Prime Minister then. The EU also provided funds for staff development. Some lecturers were sent to the United Kingdom for further training. Kellogg foundation also helped with funds for the upgrading of lectures’ qualifications. Experts were also sent from the United States to come and help with the development of the college curriculum. This led to the introduction of an exchange programme between NTC and Ohio University. The Ohio University used to send students to learn and have experience of the culture and set up of Swaziland. In return the college sent lecturers to Ohio University to study for Masters Degrees.
The Primary Teachers Certificate (PTC) was phased out in 1987. From 1989 to date the college is offering a three year Primary Teachers Diploma (PTD) programme. About 90% of the students in the college are sponsored by the Swaziland Government. Students are awarded scholarships by the Swaziland government which cover: tuition, boarding and lodging, book allowance as well as personal allowance.
The demand for Primary school teachers in Swaziland is very high and the college is unable to cope with this situation. The college has a caring capacity of four hundred (400) residential students and an additional thirty off campus students. Plans for expansion of the institution are underway and this will increase the caring capacity to a one thousand.
Since its first output in 1983 the college has produced a total of 2982 primary school teachers, 1019 PTC and 1963 at PTD level.