Price of Explora Decoder in Botswana

Our DStv Explora gives you total control – record up to 110 hours, pause live TV for 2 hours, rent blockbusters on BoxOffice and use Catch Up for the latest shows! And when you connect it to the internet, you’ll discover even more Catch Up entertainment plus box sets on Showmax.


Expand your world of entertainment with DStv. We have a number of different decoders available and we want to help you find the decoder that will best suit your entertainment needs.

To get started, SELECT two decoders below to compare and find out more about what you’ll get before you join the DStv family!

  • ExploraBWP 1,649
  • HD Zapper DecoderBWP 409
  • HD Zapper with Dishkit + Install+ 1 Month CompactBWP 499

Enjoy, store and discover more with DStv’s Explora and HD Single View Decoder. Where there’s entertainment, there’s DStv. Here you’ll find information about DStv devices such as the Explora, and the HD Single View decoder to learn how they can help you watch every movie, series, sport, news, and documentary that matters. It’s DStv or nothing!

The DStv Explora offers subscribers a viewing pleasure to record, Catch Up, and Box Office.

The HD SINGLE VIEW decoder is aimed at providing an affordable decoder that supports HD and XtraView.

DSTV Explora Decoder + LNB Deal

Explora / In Stock


The DStv Explora will change the way that you watch TV. With Explora, you can record up to 220 hours of your favorite programmes, pause live TV, get three times more DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice content and so much more.

How much does the Explora decoder cost?

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The DStv Explora Ultra which costs R3 699 when it includes installation, will be pricier than the DStv Explora 3 which can be bought for R999 (or around R 1499 including installation).

How much does an Explora 3 cost?

Recommended retail price is R999 (without installation) or R1699 (with installation).

What is the latest Explora decoder?

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DStv Explora Ultra

The DStv Explora Ultra – Now with built-in WiFi, Streaming Apps, plus support for 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.

What is the cheapest DStv decoder?

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DStv Decoder Packages

  • FromR799pm. Stream Decoder. 135+ Channels. +15 SportsChannels.
  • FromR519pm. Stream Decoder. 115+ Channels. +8 SportsChannels.
  • FromR409pm. Stream Decoder. 100+ Channels. +7 SportsChannels.
  • FromR299pm. Stream Decoder. 75+ Channels.
  • FromR99pm. Stream Decoder. 66+ Channels.
  • FromR29pm. Stream Decoder. 25+ Channels.