Price of Kazang Machine in Botswana

Here’s how easy it is to accept card payments: Vend the voucher or ring up the transaction. At the payment option, select Kazang Pay. Let the customer tap or insert their card and enter their PIN on the secure scramble PIN pad.

Connect your business to prepaid solutions

Kazang makes it safe and easy for spaza shops and informal traders to sell prepaid airtime, data, electricity, and other services from our devices or Kazang mobile app.

We’ll create opportunities for you to earn more money, make shopping easier for your customers, and grow your business with our one-stop-shop offering.

Whether you’re in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana or Zambia, you can trade with Kazang.

Register now

Step 1: Register here as a Kazang Vendor.

Step 2: Choose the Kazang device which suit your business needs best or download the Kazang Android App.

Kazang Devices

Our mobile point of sale (POS) devices are:

  • Reliable: Longer battery life and dual SIM cards keep you connected, so you can make more money
  • Quick and easy to use: It’s simple to find the right product on the menu and print vouchers within seconds.
  • Durable: Our devices are built to last
  • All-in-one: With our Timpa X device you use just one device to sell prepaid products and accept card payment transactions

We’ll install the device, train you on how to use it and provide support – stress-free.

How do you get a Kazang machine?

You can contact our Contact Centre. Our team will help you to register as a Kazang Vendor and get a sales agent to visit your shop and install a device. You can also download the Kazang App on your Android mobile device to start trading today

How do Kazang machines make money?

Kazang Pay

Use the Kazang App and point of sale (POS) devices to grow your profits and your business! All you have to do is to sell prepaid products and accept card payments. Kazang’s mobile point of sale (POS) devices make business life easy for you. They are durable, simple to use, secure and fast.

Does selling airtime have profit?

Airtime and other prepaid services are now available for digital purchase nationwide. The digitisation of selling prepaid airtime has made it possible for business owners and independent merchants to profit from this trade.