Prices of Capri Fridges in Zimbabwe

Being a Zimbabwean company we are proud of what we have offered the market and continued to grow our brand, allowing it to enter into neighbouring countries such as Zambia, Malawi, DRC, Mozambique to mention a few.

Prices of Capri Fridges in Zimbabwe

How much is a fridge in Zimbabwe?

Size and Capacity

Household size (number of people)Fridge capacity/volume (litres)Price range
1 – 2 people200 – 380 litres$380 – $900
3 – 4 people350 – 530 litres$699 – $4799
5+ people440+ litres$1079 – $5499

How much is a gas fridge in Zimbabwe?

BRAND NEW GAS FRIDGES/FREEZERS FOR SALE: 180 litres freezer @ $500; 215 litres freezer @ $550; 250 litres freezer @ $600; 260 litres chiller and freezer @ $600.00 (ON SPECIAL OFFER). All fridges run on gas and electricity. 210 litres fridge 12/24 volts(battery/solar operated) @ $750.00 and only available on order.

How much do refrigerators cost?

How Much Does a Refrigerator Cost? | East Coast Appliance ...

Refrigerators can cost anywhere from $500 to $12,000 depending on what brands and styles you are shopping for. You can find mid-range models that fit most homes for $1,500 or less if you are on a budget.

How much is a kitchen fridge?

How Much Does a Refrigerator Cost? | Wayfair

Single-door fridges with top freezer costs anywhere from $500 – $1,000, depending on the size.

What is the cost of the smallest fridge?

List of 10 Best Mini Refrigerators

10 Best Mini RefrigeratorsCapacityAmazon Price
AmazonBasics 44 L Mini Refrigerator44 LRs 7,990
LG 45 L Mini Refrigerator45 LRs 11,730
Kelvinator 95 L Mini Refrigerator95 LRs 10,599
Midea 45 L Mini Refrigerator45 LRs 7,890