Prices of Grocery in Zimbabwe

A grocery store, grocery shop or simply grocery is a store that primarily retails a general range of food products, which may be fresh or packaged. In everyday U.S. usage, however, “grocery store” is a synonym for supermarket, and is not used to refer to other types of stores that sell groceries.

Latest Grocery Prices on Thursday, 15 June 2023

ProductPrices in Tuckshops USDPrice in Supermarkets in ZWL$
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml$1.70$13 243.00
Bath soap Geisha 225g$0.60$4 674.00
Bath soap Jade 250g$0.60$4 674.00
Bath Soap Sona$0.50$3 895.00
Beans Dried 500g$0.75$5 842.50
Bleach/Jik 750ml$1.50$11 685.00
Bread Bakers Inn$1.00$7 790.00
Bread Lobels$1.00$7 790.00
Bread Proton$1.00$7 790.00
Candles 6pack 450g$3.20$24 928.00
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g$3.00$23 370.00
Cooking Oil 2l$3.75$29 212.50
Creamer 1kg$3.10$24 149.00
Diapers 50$6.00$46 740.00
Dish Washer 750ml$1.60$12 464.00
Drink Bally House$2.00$15 580.00
Drink Cheapest$1.20$9 348.00
Drink Mazoe Original 2l$2.50$19 475.00
Drink Mazoe Orange Crush 2l$2.00$15 580.00
Eggs 30$3.80$29 602.00
Eggs 6$1.00$7 790.00
Flour 2kg$1.60$12 464.00
Green bar$1.50$11 685.00
Jam 375ml$1.00$7 790.00
Kapenta 1KG$5.00$38 950.00
Kapenta 500g$3.00$23 370.00
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml$2.00$15 580.00
Macaroni 3kg$3.80$29 602.00
Margarine 500g$1.20$9 348.00
Matches pack of 10 boxes$0.50$3 895.00
Mayonnaise 750g$2.80$21 812.00
Mealie-meal 10kg$5.50$42 845.00
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg$6.10$47 519.00
Milk 1l$1.20$9 348.00
Peanut butter 375ml$1.00$7 790.00
Petroleum Jelly 300ml$1.00$7 790.00
Rice white/Long grain$1.60$12 464.00
Salt 1kg$0.50$3 895.00
Sanitary Pads 10s/8s$1.00$7 790.00
Scouring powder 500g$0.30$2 337.00
Shoe polish 100ml$1.00$7 790.00
Shoe polish 50ml$0.50$3 895.00
Soup Usavi Mix 50g$0.50$3 895.00
Stasoft Refill (500ml)$2.80$21 812.00
Sugar 2kg$2.10$16 359.00
Surface Cleaner 750ml$1.80$14 022.00
Tea 100 tea bags$2.00$15 580.00
Thai Rice 2kg$2.20$17 138.00
Tinned beans 410g$0.90$7 011.00
Tinned fish 155g$1.00$7 790.00
Tissues (Pack of 4)$1.00$7 790.00
Toilet Cleaner 500ml$1.80$14 022.00
Toothpaste 100ml$1.00$7 790.00
Washing Powder 1kg$2.00$15 580.00
Washing Powder 2kg$4.00$31 160.00

The latest Supermarket Prices

Last Updated on Thursday 15 June 2023 at 18:42:15 Central Africa Time


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Is food expensive in Zimbabwe?

A good meal in a restaurant costs about 10$-15$ which is about half of what it costs in the USA. You can always eat street food and that will cost you even less than a decent meal in an inexpensive restaurant (which is somewhere around 6.0$).

How much is a plate of food in Zimbabwe?

Cost of Living in Zimbabwe

Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant5.00$
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course40.00$
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal)5.50$
Domestic Beer (1-pint draught)1.50$

How much is bread in Zimbabwe now?

The paper reported: “A standard loaf of bread now costs more than US$2 after its price shot up by 30% to $345. With the official exchange rate at US$1:$150, it means Zimbabwe’s load of bread is now the world’s most expensive dough.”

How much does meat cost in Zimbabwe?

Food prices from our Cost of Living Section

Chicken Fillets (1 lb)2.21$
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat)2.22$
Apples (1 lb)1.49$
Banana (1 lb)0.72$

How much is 2kg chicken in Zimbabwe?

R530 for 2kg chicken, R160 000 for a laptop – Zim govt baulks at tender prices | Business.

How much is chicken in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe Live Chicken 2023 Retail Prices

The retail price range for Zimbabwe live chicken today, Jun 12 2023, is between US$ 0.64 and US$ 1.67 per kilogram or between US$ 0.29 and US$ 0.76 per live weight pound(lb).