Riverton University-Business School Accounting (BED)

Riverton University-Business School Accounting (BED)


The accounting major provides an extensive curriculum focused on developing career skills that address the needs of the workforce in the areas of accounting information systems, internal auditing, fraud, and federal financial management, along with preparation coursework for certification exams;


The student who graduates with a major in accounting should be able to

  • effectively with interdisciplinary professionals and diverse stakeholders.
  • Communicate with financial and nonfinancial audiences in a clear and concise manner, by making appropriate decisions about relevancy, reliability, and medium.
  • Research, prepare, analyze, and review financial and business data by applying accounting and business management principles and standards to produce financial and business reports.
  • Proficiently use current technology and analytical tools to perform business functions, work collaboratively, and facilitate decision making.
  • Employ analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving to identify, test, and validate processes, systems, and financial data to advise stakeholders.
  • Define, develop, and demonstrate ethical business practices and accountability by identifying and addressing current and emerging ethical and regulatory issues.
  • Develop professionally by collaborating, training, mentoring, negotiating, solving problems creatively, and participating in networking activities to demonstrate and develop leadership skills.