Riverton University-Business School Information Technology (BED)

Riverton University-Business School Information Technology (BED)


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program offered through Riverton University provides students with the opportunity to develop strengths in the analysis, applied design, development, implementation, and management of modern information technology systems. Courses cover the critical technology areas of programming for traditional, Web, and mobile applications, and for networking, database, and information security.
This provides the breadth of knowledge needed to develop maintain and support modern applications. In addition, the curriculum includes courses focused on key business areas needed to integrate and manage technology and technology projects in the workplace.
Graduates of the IT program at Riverton University have the opportunity to acquire knowledge, abilities, and hands-on skills that are valuable to employers. Through concentration areas, students can focus on skills used in the professional areas of applications development, Web and multimedia design, systems and network Administration, database administration, and business analysis This course adopts a practice-based approach to IT education and the course content is a mix of theory and practice. As well as gaining strong technical skills in IT, students gain skills in business analysis, problem solving, teamwork and communication. Employers look for graduates with industry experience and, in this course, students are exposed to real IT problems.


Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts (International Studies), graduates will be able to

  • Communicate effectively in business environments.
  • Use IT tools for decision making.
  • Collaborate using IT tools in an organization.
  • Solve loosely defined problems with technology solutions.
  • Understand ethical, legal, and policy issues associated with IT.
  • Create IT solutions to solve organizational problems.
  • Plan strategically for global and domestic environments.
  • Design and model effective IT solutions for an organization.