Riverton University-Business School International Business Management

Riverton University-Business School International Business Management


Our Diploma program in “International Business” will enable you to understand the connections between business thinking and philosophies in an international context. Study our International Business program and experience international exchange in various ways including cultural diversity and a program with an international focus.
The International Business major will be of interest to any student contemplating a career with an international focus. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the topics that underpin international business activities. The major focuses on the institutional side of business which is becoming increasingly important due to the globalisation of the business world. It fosters an understanding of why international business is different and how international business opportunities can be exploited.


    Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Arts (International Studies), graduates will be able to:

  • review and critically evaluate research from a variety of sources to inform their knowledge and conceptual understanding in the areas of International Studies.
  • Formulate arguments that are fit for purpose and demonstrate an understanding of the relevant theories and evidence in their areas of disciplinary expertise.
  • Critically analyse information to generate creative solutions to solve complex problems in the area of International Studies.