Riverton University-Business School

Riverton University-Business School

About Riverton University-Business School

Riverton University(RU) is a fully registered University with programmes approved by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE). The University offers Diploma and Bachelor’s degree programs.

  • You will interact with experts of high integrity, experience and exclusive creativity in service delivery.
  • RU develops academic and training materials that fit your career development, business expectations and academic satisfaction.
  • RU believes in mutual benefits; your best and highest academic and professional achievement is our pride.
  • Flexible payment arrangements of fees for our services.
  • RU Academic Staff, Associate Consultants and Researchers are proven experienced persons both in practical business entrepreneurship and academics, locally and internationally.
  • RU Academic Staff, Associate Consultants and Researchers are reputable academicians, researchers and global conference presenters and training facilitators locally and internationally.

Riverton University-Business School Courses Offered

Riverton University-Business School Admission

Riverton University will offer nothing but affordable fees to allow all students the chance too get the higher education that they always aspire to have. when you make a choice to come and learn with us you will have made the first step towards achieving your academic dreams.you should feel confident that you meet the requirements of your program.


  • Diploma Programs: Malawi School Certificate of Education(MSCE) or IGCSE Certificate
  • Bachelor Degrees: Malawi School Certificate of Education(MSCE) or International General Certificate of Secondary Education(IGSCE)
  • Degree Completion: Advanced Diploma or equivalent
  • Credit Transfers from accredited institutions are accepted

Are you a student paying high tuition and fees to earn a university degree somewhere else? Are those costs justified? Does the cost of your education match the quality? Riverton University now has a transfer program for students wishing to transfer into any one of our affordable and flexible degree programs. Interested students wishing to transfer will be required to bring their credentials for evaluation and course exemptions. Riverton University will only accept students transferring from other registered and accredited institutions.
Applications can be obtained at our office located on First Floor of Singh Building, next to Argos in Lilongwe Old Town. You can also Download Application Form here, application forms can be submitted by post or by hand. for queries,you can send an email to info@rivertonmw.com or call our main ground lines at 0998 955 220 or 01 751 704. Applications can be obtained at our office located on First Floor of Singh Building (SS Car Rental Building)next to Argos in Lilongwe Old Town.

Riverton University-Business School Contact Details

Location: Lilongwe, singh Building 1st Floor, Kamuzu Procession Road
Phone Line 1: ((265) 0998955220
Phone Line 2: (265) 0998955220

Email Address: info@rivertonmw.com

Working hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM