About Roma College of Nursing

About Roma College of Nursing

The Roma College of Nursing (Roma School of Nursing) is a non-profit making, it is a Roman Catholic Institution under the Christian Health Association of Lesotho (CHAL). It is under the Proprietorship of  the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Maseru.  It is also the integral part of St. Joseph’s Hospital, aiming at providing nurses’ training needs for the candidates of both Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery responding to the manpower needs of the Lesotho within the health care system.  As such it is open to all candidates of any gender and various religious backgrounds.  The college was established in 1972.

Mission Statement

Being a Catholic, non-profit making institution, the mission of the Roma College of Nursing is to provide quality education that considers the holistic approach to its trainees.  The College aims at equipping the trainees with the professional knowledge and skills that consider the cognitive, the affective and psychomotor aspects of learning.  The type of education also considers the maturity in all aspects of the human being, considering the social growth, the spiritual, and the professional growth.
The College is committed to carrying out its practices within the ethical confines of the church, within the framework of the nationally approved standards, and the promotion of nursing ethics.
The College takes into account the most disadvantaged candidates who are intended to improve their quality of lives, their families and their communities following their nurses’ training.


The vision of Roma College of Nursing is to provide top quality nurses’ training that will respond to the health care needs to the clientele, that will be served with Christ-like attitudes.  It strives at developing academic excellence in all its nurses’ training programs.
It is envisaged that Roma College of Nursing will be the role model in Nurses’ Training, delivering to the Basotho nation shining examples of motivated, dedicated and quality nursing graduates.
Above all, it strives to create an enabling environment conducive to teaching and learning processes.