Solar Battery Prices in Zimbabwe

A solar battery is a device that you can add to your solar power system to store the excess electricity generated by your solar panels. You can then use that stored energy to power your home at times when your solar panels don’t generate enough electricity, including nights, cloudy days, and during power outages.

Shop around and you’ll bump into a number of battery brands. Typically, these are the most popular solar battery brands you’ll find locally.

  1. Pylontech
  2. Allgrand
  3. Narada
  4. Renogy
  5. BlueNova
  6. Freedom won

Locally, these are the average prices for lithium and gel batteries. Flooded lead acid and AGM are a little harder to find.

Lithium solar battery prices in Zimbabwe

Lithium batteries are the most expensive. They do, however, have the longest lifespan. Here are some of the prices for lithium batteries from different solar suppliers.

BlueNova1.2KWh (100Ah)$600Taqon Solar
Pylontech1.2KWh (100Ah) 48V$1750Solar City
Pylontech1.8KWh (150Ah)$1300Taqon Solar
Pylontech2.4KWh (200Ah) 24V$1260Solar City
Blue Carbon1.2KWh (100Ah) 24V$875SolarPro Zimbabwe
Blue Carbon2.4KWh (200Ah) 12V$650SolarPro Zimbabwe
Blue Carbon2.4KWh (100Ah) 24V$1150SolarPro Zimbabwe

Lithium solar battery prices in Zimbabwe

Gel battery prices

Gel batteries are the most readily available sealed lead-acid battery in Zimbabwe. Here are some of the prices for gel batteries from different solar suppliers.

AllgrandGel2.4KWh (200Ah) 12V$380Claymore
AllgrandGel1.2KWh (100Ah) 12V$220Solar City
AllgrandGel2.4KWh (200Ah)$375SolarPro Zimbabwe
AllgrandGel1.2KWh (100Ah)$190SolarPro Zimbabwe
VictronAGM2.4KWh (200Ah)$599Solar City
TrojanAGM2.4KWh (200Ah) 12V$390Taqon Solar

Gel battery prices in Zimbabwe

How much does 1 solar battery cost?

Solar Battery Cost

Solar batteries range from $5,000 to $7,000+, and from $400/kWh to $750/kWh. These prices reflect the battery itself and do not include the cost of installation or any additional equipment.

How much is a lithium battery in Zimbabwe?

Lithium-ion solar batteries

BYD – 4 800WH$900Lithium-ion
BlueNova 100ah12v$600Lithium-ion
Polyntech Lithium -ion US3000 solar batteries$1 485Lithium-ion
Pylontech US 200 LI 48 150 AH$1 300Lithium-ion

What is the price of a 200Ah battery solar?

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₹21,905.00 FREE Delivery.

What is the price of a 1000 Ah solar battery?

Galleon 1000Ah Inverter Tubular Battery at Rs 16000 | Tubular Battery in Bengaluru | ID: 9281407188.