Swaziland College of Technology Tuition fees Structure

The fees detailed hereunder are valid for the academic year 2018. Amount of fees payable for graduate programmes and the modalities of payment to the University are indicated below. However, the University reserves the right to change fees structure without notice.

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See the amount payable as school fees at Swaziland College Of Technology (SCOT). Authorities of the Swaziland College Of Technology (SCOT) have released the amount payable as school fees by fresh and returning postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Swaziland College of Technology is a publicly funded and managed university which is located in North West Swaziland. The university was established in the late 1940s and is one of the nation’s oldest universities. The college is a technology centric institution and is committed to training her students to be academically and practically excellent in different aspects of technology.

The Swaziland college of technology is has a diverse student body consisting of students from different parts of the globe, of a wide range of ages and consisting of a good ratio of the two genders. The college is also involved in some level of research and is well equipped with good labs, it also has a good library on its campus to help student learn and to make it easier for lectures to teach in a good learning environment. The university offers undergraduate degrees of different kinds particularly in the field of technology. The university tuition is also not too expensive.