Swaziland College Of Technology intake

Swaziland College Of Technology intake

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet certain minimum requirements. Since there are many more qualifying applicants than there are places available,  the University has to use a selection procedure, and hence applying to the University having met the minimum requirements does not guarantee a place.

To be able to enter the University for a degree programme, an applicant must have a minimum of six passes in the IGCSE or equivalent high school qualification. The passes must include a C grade or better in English Language and four other relevant subjects. Each Undegraduate programme has special requirements, and the applicant needs to note these requirements for the programme they are interested in applying for.

The University also has an alternative route for entry into the University through the Mature Age Entry Scheme.

Admission Requirements by Faculty

Faculty of Agriculture and Consumer Science
Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Faculty of Social Science
Institute of Distance Education

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(a)       A candidate must be at least 22 years or older on the first day of the University Academic year in which admission is sought (A copy of birth certificate or National Identity card is required when submitting an application).

(b)       A candidate should have completed SGCSE/IGCSE or equivalent with a pass (E grade or better) in four (4) subjects.

(c)       No candidate who has previously attended at the University may be re-admitted to the University under these regulations to a programme in which he/she has previously been unsuccessful during the previous attendance, unless he/she produces evidence of further study satisfactory to the University.

(d)       If, in the opinion of the University, a candidate has complied successfully with conditions (a) to (c) above, he/she will be required to sit a Special Entrance examination which will consist of a general paper and a special paper in the candidate’s intended field of study.

  1. The general paper which is an English paper is written by all candidates.
  2. A candidate applying for the following Commerce-related programmes and or specialization will be expected to write a Commerce special paper;
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Full-time)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (IDE)
  • B. Ed. Secondary (Business Education)
  • B. Ed. Secondary (Commerce) – IDE
  1. A candidate applying for the following Science-related programmes and or specialization will be expected to write a Science special paper;

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