Toyota Quantum Prices in Zimbabwe

Toyota Quantum Hiace OverviewWhether it is the 14- or the 16-seater, Toyota Quantum Hiace is a minibus equipped with the power to drive you in comfort, style and safety.

2.8l engine

All models are equipped with a 2.8l engine that is capable of producing up to 420Nm of torque. The drive quality is exceptional with this engine.

The new Toyota Quantum VX and Quantum Bus are vehicles for true professionals. With unwavering quality, durability and reliability, and updated styling with excellent safety features, the Quantum is ideal for those looking for the perfect specialized transport solution.

Is Toyota Quantum allowed in Zimbabwe?

No South Africa, Namibia nor Botswana-registered Hertz vehicles are any longer allowed into Zimbabwe at all. Please note the following exceptions: Toyota Quantum 10 Seater is not allowed to be driven across the borders of the country it is registered and licensed in.

How much does it cost to buy a quantum?

Toyota Quantum Variant Pricing

Toyota Quantum VariantsNew Price FromFuel consumption (average)
2021 2.8 LWB Crew CabR 634 400l/100km
2021 2.8 LWB Panel VanR 623 300l/100km
2021 2.8 SLWB Bus 14-Seater GLR 798 500l/100km
2021 2.8 SLWB Bus 14-seater GL AutoR 817 400l/100km

Which cars are not allowed in Zimbabwe?

Under Statutory Instrument 89 of 2021 which came into effect on Friday, second-hand vehicles manufactured 10 years ago, except commercial vehicles and those for agricultural purposes, will no longer be permitted into the country.

Which cars are allowed in Zimbabwe?

You can read more on our guide to vehicle shipping from the UK to Zimbabwe. Both Left-Hand and Right-Hand Drive vehicles are allowed into Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has no age limits on imported vehicles. However, vehicles older than 5 years attract a surtax of 35% of the landed cost at the point of entry.

What is the most common car in Zimbabwe?

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Most popular cars in Zimbabwe

  • Nissan Caravan Van (Van)
  • Toyota HiAce Van (Van)
  • Mercedes-Benz C-class (Sedan)
  • Honda Fit Hybrid (Hatchback)
  • Toyota Corolla Axio (Sedan)
  • Mercedes-Benz E-class (Sedan)
  • Nissan Vanette Van (Van)
  • Toyota Mark X (Sedan)