Uniswa Diploma in Environmental Health Science

Uniswa Diploma in Environmental Health Science

The programme is offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences,  at the Mbabane Campus.  The duration of a normal full-time Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences shall be three years of study. The duration of the academic year plus clinical practicum will be 45 weeks.
The Department of Environmental Health Science is a Centre for excellence in Environmental Health teaching and learningin Swaziland and Southern Africa. The department is located within the Faculty of Health Sciences in Mbabane, the Capital City of Swaziland. The department offers both diploma and undergraduate degree programs in Environmental Health Science. There are excellent facilities to enhance teaching and learning. Three specializations are available for a student to choose from at year five. These are Water, Food, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management.


The mission of the department is to serve as a centre for expansion and exchange of knowledge on Environmental Health through the provision of continuing education opportunities.


  1. To develop a human resource in environmental health and management for   Swaziland and for the region.
  2. To serve as a source of change agents in the endeavour of changing the behaviour of the population of Swaziland towards disease prevention and alleviation of disabilities, especially at the work place.
  3. To provide expertise on how to shape the environment to the prosperity of mankind, taking into consideration other environmental ecosystems.
  4. To provide opportunity for people to think critically, to solve environmental problems, and operate in the creative domain.
  5. To conduct scientific research and experimentation in environmental health and management and be able to make independent scientific judgements.