Université des Mascareignes Courses Offered

Université des Mascareignes Courses Offered

Faculty of Business & Management

BSc(Hons) in Investment Analysis (Pamplemousses Campus)

Diploma Human Resource Management (Pamplemousses Campus)

BSc Marketing (Pamplemousses Campus)

Diploma in Marketing (Pamplemousses Campus)

BSc(Hons) in Accounting and Finance (Pamplemousses Campus)

BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management (Pamplemousses Campus)

Diploma in Banking and Financial Services (Pamplemousses Campus)

BSc(Hons) in Banking and Financial Services (Pamplemousses Campus)

Master (Msc/Master) Integrated Marketing Specialisation: Digital Marketing (Pamplemousses Campus)

Master(Msc/Master) Human Resource Specialisation: Emerging Markets (Pamplemousses Campus)


Faculty of Information & Communication Technology

BSc Software Engineering (Pamplemousses Campus)

BSc Networking and Database Management (Pamplemousses Campus)

BSc Web and Multimedia (Pamplemousses Campus)

BSc(Hons) in Applied Computer Science (Rose-Hill Campus)


Faculty of Sustainable Development & Engineering

BSc Maintenance, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Built Civil Engineering Heritage (Rose-Hill Campus)

Master En Systèmes Industriels (Rose-Hill Campus)

Diploma in Electromechanical & Automation Engineering (Rose-Hill Campus)

BSc (Hons) Facilities Management of Hotels and Real Estates (Rose-Hill Campus)

BSc (Hons)in Electromechanical Engineering (Rose-Hill Campus)

BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering (Rose-Hill Campus)

Diploma in Civil Engineering (Rose-Hill Campus)

BSc (Hons) in Electrical Engineering and Automation (Rose-Hill Campus)

BSc (Hons) in Electrotechnics and Renewable Energy (Rose-Hill Campus)

Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Automation (Rose-Hill Campus)

BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering (Rose-Hill Campus)