university of Malawi chancellor college economics department

university of Malawi chancellor college economics department

The Department of Economics (DOE) at Chancellor College in Zomba is the main institution for training economists in Malawi through its undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.
Since its establishment in 1965 the department has been running its undergraduate programme, housed in the Faculty of Social Sciences. In 1992, the DOE started offering post-graduate courses and it is one of the departments in the University of Malawi with a long history of offering postgraduate courses on a sustainable basis.

Collaborative Masters Programme

The Department offers the Collaborative Masters Programme (CMAP) for Anglo-phone African Countries managed by the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). The CMAP curriculum was jointly developed by the participating universities under the stewardship of the AERC Academic Board.

Master of Arts in Economics Programme

The Department also offers a Master of Arts in Economics programme. It is an 18-months programme that was introduced as a parallel programme to the regular MA (Economics). It is designed to cater for the needs of economists who need to obtain a post-graduate qualification but cannot be released from work by their employers for an extended period.

Masters Graduates

Since 1993 the Masters programme has graduated over 100 economists from Malawi and other African countries including Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda and Liberia. Some of them are senior managers in the private and public services and international organisations; others have since completed PhD or are pursuing their PhD programmes at the DOE or elsewhere.

PhD in Economics

The Department also offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics Programme.


The DOE offers partial scholarships to outstanding Malawian candidates. Women are specifically encouraged to apply.