University Of Malawi -Department of Physics

University Of Malawi -Department of Physics


The Physics department is one of the oldest at Chancellor College and offers undergraduate degree programmes to both physics majors and minors.


Physics students specialize in such areas as:

  • Microprocessors and Computational Physics;
  • Electromagnetism Device Electronics, Circuit Theory and Digital Electronics; and
  • Electronic Communication just to mention a few.


The Department encourages students to be innovative and it supports students to actualize their potential, a move that has lately seen students in collaboration with their supervisors come up with useful innovations, some of which have won national and international awards, and are being patented before mass productions.
These innovations include:

  • Padoko bicycle charger
  • TV Aerials
  • Internet Independent Android Apps for data Acquisition Over the Air (OTA)
  • Bio-Gas Digesters for Waste Management
  • Flood detection Systems for Malawi
  • Cloud Based Surveillance Cameras