University of Botswana Professor Salary

In short, a professor is a postsecondary academic instructor. Sometimes called postsecondary teachers, they teach students who are at the college level, typically in a university classroom setting. Professors are the highest level of educators and usually specialize in a specific academic subject or field.

Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) pays P32 060 to their lecturers but can pay a maximum of 40 percent of the salary as supplementation.

The Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Mr. Kgotla Autlwetse, said this in response to a parliamentary question on March 25. Mr. Autlwetse said, on one hand, the University of Botswana (UB) paid between P16 975 and P29 164 per month to lecturers.

“The University of Botswana pays between P25 546 to P32 525 per month to senior lecturers while BIUST pays P39 695 per month and on top can pay a maximum of 40 percent of the salary as supplementation,” he said.

He further elaborated that UB paid between P30 936 to P35 532 per month to Associate Professors while BIUST paid P49 969 and could furthermore pay up to a maximum of 40 percent of the salary as supplementation.

What is the qualification for Professor?

The basic qualification required to become a Professor is, candidates must complete their postgraduate degree in relevant subjects followed by completing a Ph.D. from a recognized university.

Do I need a Ph.D. to be a professor?

Professors generally need a doctorate for entry-level positions. Most professors dedicate a decade to their postsecondary education before teaching their first class.

At what age will I become a professor?

There are no age limit criteria set to be eligible to apply for the profile of Assistant professor. Many students choose this profession after getting prior experience, which proves to be beneficial in getting the job. Therefore, UGC has not set any age limit for lectureship posts.